Business wireless plans and data plans

Get flexible pooling plans, cost certainty and productivity options.


The way your business uses data is ever-changing, and your employees need the freedom to adapt whether they’re in or out of the office. Take advantage of simple plans that let your team share data across devices, so they stay connected and productive in today’s digital world.


Predictable costs, flexible options

Know your monthly costs without needing to monitor the usage of individual employees or different data pools. With a variety of plan sizes, there is a fit for every user type. And all plans share from the same data pool, regardless of size, keeping your costs predictable.


Travel worry-free

Eliminate unexpected roaming charges and keep your employees confident and connected when they travel outside Canada.


Enable your workforce

Improve collaboration and never miss an important call with Rogers UnisonTM, while taking advantage of integrated productivity tools like G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

Every plan includes

Unlimited North American Calling (Canada and the U.S.) and international SMS and MMS from Canada.1 Call Display with Name Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Group Calling, Enhanced Voicemail, Visual Voicemail, Wi-Fi Calling,2 VoLTE, detailed Billing.

Add security and productivity


Rogers Unison

Never miss an important call with one simple phone system that spans all of your locations, devices and employee types


Office 365 and G Suite

Let Rogers handle your integration as you take advantage of these powerful collaboration solutions


Device Protection

Don’t let an accident put your business on hold

Travel and Roaming

Worry-free, hassle-free business roaming.

We offer a range of options to meet your business roaming needs.

  • Individual flex roaming: Add individual flex roaming to all your employees’ plans, so they’re always ready to travel. You’re only charged when someone roams, and your costs are predictable. Plus you never have to worry about adding a roaming option again.

  • Shared business roaming: Add a shared roaming option so that all your employees, or specific groups, can share data, voice minutes and texting. If your company has consistent overall roaming usage but individual usage varies, this is a great option.

  • Pay per use: If shared and flex roaming don’t fit your needs, or aren’t available* for your destination, pay-per-use rates are available.


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