Fibre Internet

Fibre optic internet offers optimal speed, security and support.


To stay competitive, today’s businesses require constant connectivity, powerful performance, and flexibility for future growth. As game changers like cloud computing and workforce mobility become ever more crucial to productivity, so do the internet services needed to make it all possible.

With our Rogers optic internet built for business, you can rest assured knowing that we back our availability and performance with service level agreements that offer compensation, keeping your employees connected and productive. You’ll also get the speed and bandwidth necessary to enable cost-saving cloud applications, and the ability to seamlessly scale up your services.

Why Rogers Fibre Internet for business?


Symmetrical speeds

Easily transfer large files with upload speeds that match your download speeds. Rogers can support speeds up to and beyond 10 Gbps.


Reliable uptime

Enjoy a consistent connection on our multi-path national fibre network. The national network is wholly owned by Rogers and has no single point of failure.


24/7 DDoS protection

Get peace of mind with enhanced security, and ensure your company info stays safe. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can disrupt your services and leave your business vulnerable. Our DDoS protection is designed to mitigate or stop these volumetric attacks before they break into your network, without interrupting critical traffic by shutting your service down. Hosted at three locations across Canada, these network-based protection systems offer high capacity, carrier-class performance to ensure your business stays connected, available and secure.


Worry-free connection and support

Rely on service level guarantees and 24/7 service support. All backed by a network that offers built-in redundancy and virtually continuous uptime.


Cable internet built for business

Get the fast, reliable internet enterprises can count on.

Collaboration, innovation and productivity are crucial to an enterprise’s continued success—and internet connectivity is what makes it all possible. From reliably linking branch locations and keeping them online, to supporting transformative cloud applications that deliver new insights and enable real-time communication across the world, enterprises demand a lot from their internet packages. Cable internet from Rogers is built to meet those demands.

Available with Wireless Backup for 100% up time so you can run your business worry-free.


Private Networking

Fuel productivity and collaboration with a fast, reliable and scalable private network from Rogers.

A business network is not just about connecting all the resources within one building. Companies with multiple locations require seamless networking for unified communication with employees and customers across all premises.

Built on Rogers 100% fibre optic backbone, our Ethernet services simplify the complexity of building a WAN by using the same Ethernet protocol you use in your LAN. With a combination of fibre and cable-based access, Ethernet from Rogers simplifies network administration, supporting multiple services on a single high bandwidth, low latency connection. Our Ethernet services let you retain control over IP addressing while delivering the performance, reach and scalability your business needs.


SIP Trunking

Reduce your infrastructure costs and boost collaboration by using a single network for voice and data.

Save on infrastructure costs with a single IP network for both voice and data. Rogers enterprise-grade SIP Trunking service runs over private, nationwide fibre optic network, bypassing the congested public Internet and delivering excellent voice quality and security backed by SLAs. You can customize the solution to fit the needs of your business, or purchase it as part of a bundle that includes a wide range of voice features.

Why SIP Trunking?


Future proofed

SIP Trunking lays the foundation for advanced collaboration. Enjoy the benefits of reliable, highly scalable IP voice telephony as you invest in tomorrow.


Flexible scalability

Scale your voice capacity up or down as your business needs change, eliminating the need for technician visits.



Rogers private, Canada-wide fibre optic network ensures security and reliability with guaranteed quality-of-service levels backed by SLAs.


Peace of Mind

Robust load balancing and failover capabilities, backed by centralized monitoring and control, provide business continuity.


Cost Savings

Reduce your infrastructure costs by consolidating your voice and data traffic onto one network.


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