Rogers Unison

A cloud-based, truly mobile communication system.


Today’s employees get their work done in many different locations. They need the right tools to help them collaborate wherever they are on any device they choose. And now, there’s a truly mobile, cloud-based phone system to help your team members do their best work from anywhere on the device of their choice.


Make communication easier, from anywhere.

Rogers Unison™ allows your employees to leverage your phone system from anywhere on any device. Without sacrificing powerful enterprise communication tools, Rogers Unison will enable every employee to use every feature, have receptionists manage calls, and provide advanced call routing to drive efficiency and customer experience.

You can easily set up teleworkers, conference rooms, and integrate other analog equipment your business relies on all while also integrating mobile phones. With flexible network options, Rogers Unison is flexible to meet your needs and your budget.


Business is complex, communications shouldn’t be.

When it comes to keeping your team connected, the simpler, the better. With Rogers Unison, you get the best features of your office phone system in one easy-to-use communications system, across all your locations and devices. Since Unison is a cloud-based, fully managed solution it’s simple to switch, manage and scale. And there’s no need for your employees to install or use apps, or spend time learning how to use it.


Cut costs with a truly mobile solution.

With Rogers Unison, your employees are free to work how they want, where they want, from the device they want, without incurring the costs of unused desk phone lines. What’s more, Unison is available exclusively ‘as a service’, eliminating management and maintenance costs. For every employee that has a Rogers Wireless phone, you can also eliminate the need for a fixed line and leverage your mobile investment. That means your team can enjoy a better communications experience for less than any other office phone.


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